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Private Aviation

Private aviation operations are defined as all flight operated with an aircraft exclusively on behalf of its owner and not registered on an AOC holder fleet list.

Regulatory changes

Now, non commercial operators are subject to the same rules European commercial operators : AIR OPS regulations known also as NCC Non Commercial Complex Aircraft concerning non commercial operations.

Purpose of this change

This regulatory change aims to enhance the security level for all types of air operations, non-commercial (private operators) or commercial (airlines).

Are you eligible for PART NCC ?

This rules applies if you are :

  • An operator or aircraft owner conducting non-commercial operations or flying privately
  • An operator or owner of an aircraft that meet at least one of the following criteria :
    • with a maximum certificated take-off mass exceeding 5 700 kg,
    • certificated for a maximum passenger seating configuration of more than nineteen,
    • certificated for operation with a minimum crew of at least two pilots,
    • equipped with (a) turbojet engine(s),
    • equipped with more than one turboprop engine (Beechcraft, Cessna Mustang, Cessna CJ, Falcon, Global, Hawker ...)
  • An operator or aircraft owner having his home base or a flight department in Europe, no matter of aircraft state of registration. (eg F-XXX, D-XXX-XXX VP, M -XXX, Nxxxx ...)

Examples of means of compliance

  • Establishment of a safety management system
  • Management of authority audits
  • Edition of operations manuals
  • Provide basic and recurrent training of the crew

Maturity date

  • Declaration to the National aviation authority (DGAC-CAA, ENAC...) in august 2015.
  • Definitive entry into force : August 2016


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